Virginia Conservative Foundation
Defending the Tradition of Freedom In Virginia

The Yorktown Declaration

Defending the Tradition of Freedom

Free minds, free markets, and a free society.

The Yorktown Declaration

Our founding principles, shared by thousands of signatories and millions of fellow Virginians.

Virginia’s Third Force

Not a third party, but a third force and a “Virginia Way” for the classical and moral foundations of conservative governance.


Free minds, free speech, and a free society. These are the gifts of our Founding Fathers, profoundly Christian men who gave us our republican form of government.

Virginia Freedom Caucus

Holding our elected officials and party leaders accountable to the values of our conservative movement; dedicated to the principles of transparency, accountability and the rule of law.

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Voices and sources for the Virginia conservative movement.
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Virginia First Foundation

Possunt Quia Posse Videntur
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Bearing Drift

Virginia Conservative Voice
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The Bull Elephant

Politics and Policy in Virginia

What Virginians are saying

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